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Colorbond Fencing in Melbourne

At Smart Fencing, we believe that fences are an integral part of any property and make a huge difference to its overall functionality and appeal. As a team of specialist fencing contractors in Melbourne, it is our goal to bring you a fabulous selection of fences that perfectly coordinate with your outdoor space. We do not want you to compromise on design for quality and have fences that offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. With the broad range of Colorbond fencing options that we have, upgrading the look of your garden cannot get easier than this. Come explore the options!

Colorbond Fence Installation

When selecting a fence, it is also vital to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and is installed correctly. At Smart Fencing, we are experienced and have the expertise to offer flawless fence installation service. We take into consideration every detail to ensure that the fences stand the test of time. The height and width of the fences are determined to secure your property while making it look great. We take utmost care to ensure that there are no defects and the fences do not have any breaks. We strive for perfection, and you can be sure that the fences do not have any loose palings or visible gaps.

Upgrade the Look of Your Garden with Easy to Maintain Fences

Boundary fences are one of the most visible features of many homes and are also a significant investment for both you and your neighbour. It is also the most exposed to the elements, so it’s important you select a fence that is attractive, strong and designed to last.


Colorbond® Steel fencing looks great from both sides, and won’t warp, rot and discolour like traditional timber fences. With Colorbond Fencing, you have the following advantages:

  • 16 contemporary colours in stock

  • Designed for strength and Australian conditions

  • Low maintenance with privacy

  • 10 Year Warranty


Colorbond Fencing is highly versatile and resilient and makes the perfect option to suit a range of settings. It is highly durable and created to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Moreover, the distinct styles available give you the flexibility to choose a fence that perfectly complements the existing look of your home. If you are keen to add some personality to your outdoor space, explore the Colorbond fencing options that we have. With its sleek lines and crisp look, Colorbond fencing makes the perfect choice to increase the value, security and privacy of your home.


Excellence in Service from Start to Finish

At Smart Fencing, we are driven by the zeal to excel, and the needs of our clients come first. It has always been our goal to extend a seamless experience, and we will be happy to assist you at every step. Our friendly team will be happy to understand your needs and take you through the impressive fencing possibilities. You can also benefit from our experience as we will help you choose a fence that best matches the needs of your property. We are always upgrading our collection, and you can be assured of finding the latest styles and design options with us. Call us today to know more. 

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